5 frases de simple past e 5 presente perfect.rapido por favor gente 🙂


Sugestões em Present Perfect . 

01) Be - Have you ever been to Brazil? 
02) Come - Have you come to the party? 
03) Arrive - She has just arrived. 
04) Buy - She has bought one car 
05) Read - I have read the book 

Susgenstões Past Simple. 
01) I was born in august 
02)I was dead 
03)I was starting the race 
04)I was killing my teacher



To precisando de pontos




Simple Present

She is reads book
I like coffee
They are beautiful
This book is great 
He works at home 

Present Perfect

I have studied enough 
Ana has been to Germany 
He have made a delicious cake
I have seen this movie 
I have spoken

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